Karolinger Versicherung CD

Graphic Design

Karolinger Versicherung CD

A corporate design without a logo. – The core idea of the design is to work with a logo that can happen anywhere. The logo is not tied to one medium or format. It arises when an object leans against a wall or other stable object. Once learned, the logo can happen in every home, office or anywhere in the city. Even a fallen tree, that leans on a strong living branch creates the logo. The logo also conveys the values ​​of the company. The insurance is a stable wall on which you can lean. It stands for protection, security and stability. The design, which is actually none, works with photos of the logo, which is actually none. These shall stand as examples for the creation of the logo situation. There are no boundaries in the representation on a media – as long as the object in the application leans on name of the insurance.

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