Der Abstand in Seiten

Created in 2013, Graphic Design

Der Abstand in Seiten

Communicating and collaborating with a Tel Aviv based designer via a layout file. 

Each designer was only allowed to work with his or her own color – mine was red.

I got to learn Hadas during her semester abroad which she spent at the HSD in Düsseldorf. After she returned to Israel we started creating this book in order to keep in touch and collaborate. The idea was that each designer could only use one color to portrait the city we lived in. The book is about reacting and interaction with design. Some of the interesting aspects of the project were working with two different typography systems as well as the fact that a hebrew book is read in the opposite direction. The challenge of communicating via a design file really helped me understand the different ideas of wrong and right, possible and impossible when it comes to design. 

Created in: 2013
Together with: Hadas Shezaf

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