Art Direction, Created in 2014


Art direction and editorial design of a catalog for a city bike with the aim of developing a new style for commercial use. 

Product catalog for the CUBE hyde race created in cooperation with the photographer Jens Quasten. 

My main aim was to explore the possibilities of photography and storytelling within a product catalog. While the catalog was created I worked as the leading art director on the client CUBE bikes. This project was very important for me in order to find new ways of looking at the product and and setting it into an urban environment. I used this project to gain more skills as an art director and get a better understanding of working with models the by posing for some of the pictures myself. The catalog was a great learning experience. I used a lot of my gained knowledge in my professional work for CUBE. 

Created in: 2014
Together with: Jens Quasten
Supervised by: David Grabiniok

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